Acorn Advance

Acorn's Office Suite

This is a copy of Acorn's All-in-one office suite, with the following

  • Word Processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Database
  • Graph


  • Disc images
    • discs 4 discs in ADF format in a zip (1.1 MB)
  • Updates for StrongARM compatability

Installation advice

The disc image archive contains 4 discs. Program disc 1 contains the !Advance application and should be copied to the destination hard disc. Program disc 2 contents should be copied inside the !Advance folder installed with Program disc 1. Data Disc A and Data Disc B contain tutorials and an example project that you may wish to optionally install.


Advance Release Note 479 KB PDF
Advance User Guide 30.4 MB PDF
Advance Project Guide 7.5 MB PDF