Acorn Design Diagrams

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These circuit diagram scans were made possible with the assistance of The Centre for Computing History

The scans are 600dpi greyscale images of approximately 60-70 megapixels, download size is between 2MB and 4MB per image.

Acorn System

100,000-C 6502 Microcomputer PCB Circuit Diagram (System 1)
100,001-C Keyboard, Display & Cassette Interface PCB (System 1)
100,002-C 40x25 VDU PCB (Teletext)
100,003-C 8K RAM + 8K PROM PCB Circuit Diagram
100,004-C Floppy Disc Controller PCB Circuit Diagram
100,006-C Block Relocating In-Circuit Emulator Circuit Diagram
100,007-C PROM & EPROM Programmer
100,009-C Versatile Interface Board Circuit Diagram
100,010-C 32K Dynamic RAM Circuit Diagram
100,013-C ASCII Keyboard Circuit Diagram
100,014-C Circuit Diagram for Analogue Interface
100,015-C Circuit Diagram for Laboratory Interface PCB
100,017-C Circuit Diagram for Interface Panel PCB
100,018-C Circuit Diagram for Daisy Wheel Printer Interface
100,019-C 80 x 25 VDU Interface Circuit Diagram
100,021-C IEEE 488 Bus Interface
100,024-C Econet Node Circuit Diagram (Eurocard Version)
100,027 8K CMOS RAM
100,031-C Acorn Bus Interace Circuit Diagram

Acorn Atom and peripherals

102,000-C Circuit Diagram for the Atom Microcomputer
102,002-C Circuit Diagram for Atom Econet PCB
102,003-C Circuit Diagram for Atom 50Hz TV Converter
102,006-C Atom Colour Board (PAL) Circuit Diagram
102,007-C Atom-BBC BASIC Conversion Card
106,000-C Circuit Diagram for Atom Disc Pack FDC Card

BBC Micro and peripherals

103,000-C Circuit Diagram for BBC Microcomputer
Circuit Diagram for the BBC Microcomputer (alternate)
104,000-C Teletext Decoder Board
004,000 Teletext Adapter Unit Final Assembly Drawing
108,000-C 6502 Second Processor
008,000-A 6502 Second Processor Module General Assembly
109,000-C Circuit Diagram for the Z80 2nd Processor
115,000-C Prestel Adaptor Circuit Diagram
0015,000-A Prestel Adapter Unit Final Assembly Drawing

Acorn Electron and peripherals

105,000-C Circuit Diagram For Electron Microcomputer Main PCB
005,000-A Electron Microcomputer Final Assembly
0119,100-C Electron Plus 1 PCB Circuit Diagram
0119,100-A Electron Plus One Assembly