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Welcome to 4corn Computers, providing information and downloads related to the computers produced by Acorn Computers Ltd (1979-1998).

With advice and support on running emulators of these machines on modern PC and other hardware.

As well as the resources on this site, 4corn highly recommends the following websites.

Chris's Acorns

Chris Whytehead's extensive attempts to archive and document nearly every piece of Acorn hardware and software (now hosted by the Centre for Computing History). Contains many scanned documents and software resources.

Stardot and STH Forums

The Stairway to Hell forums provide a great place for people to discuss all aspects of Acorn retro computing. The STH archive also provides hundreds of resources for users of Acorn's 8-bit machines.


APDL Archive

For software for Acorn's 32-bit machines a great place to start is the archives of the Archimedes Public Domain Library. With hundreds of discs of free programs.

Latest News Latest news

14-12-2023 Additional ports of Risc Ix Software

21-06-2021 6 more manuals added to Miscellaneous Documents

22-11-2020 Drawing Office Index, code numbers for most Acorn parts

03-10-2020 Build the BBC MOS 1.20 from original source and !65Host too

04-06-2020 Building GCC to cross compile for the BBC Micro

11-09-2018 22 more brochures added to Leaflets/Brochures

28-07-2017 38 Circuit diagrams added

03-03-2017 550 scans of 1980s Show Flyers and Brochures online